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How is Your Practice Manager Performing?

Often when Genuine Business is invited into a dental practice it is because there is a suspicion that the practice manager is not performing and the principal dentists cannot quite put their finger on why!
In our experience we often find many practices do not seem to have a clear understanding of exactly what the role of practice manager is about.
Quite often this role becomes too process driven with the individual often creating their own interpretation of what this job entails with the net result being that the role itself grows and evolves around them and not the customer and often not the practice either.
Without direction no-one benefits.
In order to clearly understand this problem we look at how these individuals arrive at the dizzy ranks of ‘manager’. Quite often people are promoted into this role as a result of their technical expertise or  is seen to do be doing ‘a good job’, however when they take off their nurses uniform and assume a different one they often start to flounder. It’s a common mistake repeated across industries.  Just because a sales person is a good at sales does not mean they would make a good sales manager.
Genuine Business often finds the skills required for these roles are innate in some, present in part in others or not present at all many, some have made the mistake of misunderstanding what the role is all about. Genuine Business training equips people to perform in their new roles.
In reality the role of the practice manager requires a candidate who is a people orientated individual able to play a crucial role in communications between individuals and within teams to be able to develop teams and improve organisations performance -  in essence to read the politics of the practice, understand the hidden cues given by the dentists and be able to manage all of these nuances to the benefit of all.
Clearly this requires a gifted individual, someone who has a high degree of Emotional Intelligence.
When Genuine Business is invited in to look to develop an individual and how to grow their effectiveness for this role we recognise that as the business owner you may need the practice manager to be your arms and ears and for them to monitor and manage the pulse of your business and to guide it in meeting your aspirations for the business.
This is the reason Genuine Business utilises Emotional Intelligence within its leadership programme.   Developing coaching and mentoring skills while growing performance in all aspects of the practice managers role in creating the Happiness Based Business. The goal is to create a performing practice manager.

The following check lists may help you to identify which skill sets and mid sets are prevalent or can be improved in your Practice Manager: -
  • Are they able to propose and contribute to the creation of practice strategies?
  • Do they possess the ability to ‘make things happen’?
  • Can they be proactive?
  • Do they delight your clients?
  • Do they look for ‘moments to delight’ your clients at every contact point, with customers both internal and external as well as suppliers in the community?
  • Do they play an active part in helping select people for their team?
  • Are inductions always effectively carried out?
  • Do they investigate grievances and problems promptly, confidently and with confidentially?
  • Do they actively encourage team contribution?
  • Are all team members effectively trained?
  • Are they able to identify training needs and coach for growth?
  • Are they able to plan their own time and team members time effectively?
  • Are team members aware of their effectiveness and what is expected of them?
  • Are they able to write effective letters, memos reports?
  • Are they able to create resonance with shifting priorities facilitating change while bringing their team alongside?
  • Overall we are examining their ability to be a leader and a potent resource in moving your practice forward. Equipping them to change any no to a yes in developing leaders not more managers.
  • At Genuine Business we know that only 10% of people contribute to profit we at Genuine Business are striving to touch the other 90%.
  • Management is a function of position but leadership is not. Management deals with different mind sets and different skills sets.
  • Genuine Business programme have a proven track record within the world of dentistry in bringing and fostering individuals to steer them into this very important position of trust..
  • To equip your Practice Managers - CLICK HERE 

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