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Why are THEY so far out from 'The Ordinary'?

When we look at the reasons why professional athletes, software billionaires and scientific geniuses are more successful in their chosen fields than their contemporaries we discover reasons far more surprising than we imagine.

Who we are, where we're from, what we do, our programs will make you think about your own life story that makes you a unique blend of qualities you can use to succeed in life and in business.

All Genuine Business programs set out to develop a greater level of self awareness and self management aiming to unlock possibilities of both individual and team goals. Our programs help develop the fostering of your company culture through true understanding of the organisation and its objectives by guiding the thirst for learning in high performing individuals.

To Motivate Through Learning

Genuine Business Programmes will provide you with the tools, skills and mindset to liberate you and your tribe and to actualise both your own as well as their potential.
As with all Genuine Business programmes we will be using a variety of tools utilising business psychology and combining practical, proven work exercises, audio, live coaching and feedback. There are also opportunities to join our webinar forum through


'It takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery to become a world beater or world class expert. It takes this long for the brain to assimilate new ideas and activate mastery'   Malcolm Gladwell



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13/06/2013 14:04:32 - The Superstar Dental Receptionist.
Is your receptionist a shinning star?                                                                                                              Or Is your receptionist a glimmer of what you were really looking for?                                                        Most of all Is your receptionist a reflection of all your hard work and investment?

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