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This programme is for salespeople who need to target individuals across roles and destinations, providing a practical model for the development of market relationships, creating a value proposition that truly adds value to your proposal.
This training equips you to articulate why you should be THE business partner and how that proposition will fulfil and exceed your prospects expectations of you and your organisations while helping their organisation to soar.

It is a dynamic process and will add to even the most honed of professionals. Using the proven tools of ‘fine slicing’ will allow high performers to soar and to soar again.

This training provides you with the tools to develop continued sustained success and taps into our ability to continue to grow and take on new ideas at whatever point your are in your career or wherever your markets are based.
Using the premise that people like to do business with people we look at the way relationships are built and shaped and why people buy. We examine how we can create differentiation and be able to articulate such to your customers across the globe.
Wayne Hassall bring a wealth of expertise to this programme, having being the ambassador for the 3rd largest military organisation in the US when they broke into the Asian market, bringing a sales model grown in Europe and utilised successfully in the Worldwide marketplace. 
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