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How to Lead your Tribe to Success
The Leadership Journey will always be one of expanding awareness. Once you activate these skills your personal vision can expand itself through: -
·         Passion
·         Core Values
·         Dedication to Purpose
                                                               Begin with Passion and a view of the BIG PICTURE
Developing Leaders into ‘Transformational Leaders’
Recognising that the only true authority for this era is that which enriches participants and empowers rather than diminishing - this doctrine encourages leadership of strong commitment and broad visionary ideas - creative leadership rather than reactive directing.
Management is a function of position but leadership is not. Therefore when part of your time has to be directed to ‘managing’ your business where do you put your focus?
The function of ‘The Leader’ requires the ability to empower - to truly empower.
Today we see global business, global economies and global technology thereby ensuring that true empowerment is a skillset that is increasingly important in todays Business World.
True empowerment can be treated as a key competitive element in the quest to produce better quality at lower costs in order to compete, to survive and to grow.
It requires a different mindset and different skills sets for you to empower and liberate your team to deliver and create a top performing business.
What it will require of YOU is to be inter-disciplinary, embracing the characteristics of leadership, vision, collaboration and resonance. You will need to build solutions into your structures and your systems so that they are not solely dependent upon people - this is the corporate vision within and around which people work and it is the role of ‘The Leader’ to create, to recreate and to continually reinforce it.
This leadership programme looks at how to align your tribe by setting new direction, motivating, inspiring, influencing, employing credibility, adopting a visionary position, anticipating change and coping with it, motivating your tribe and bringing about engagement.
  • To develop the key attributes of inspirational leaders who are charismatic providing vision, gaining respect and trust
  • To develop the ability to provide inspiration by communicating high expectations
  • To develop the ability to provide intellectual stimulation promoting intelligence through stimulation, rationality and problem solving
  • To develop the ability to provide individual consideration providing attention and ‘being present’
  • To develop the ability to manage growth with passion, energy and purpose
  • Leading with purpose, inspiring intelligence, organising power, making quantum leaps of creativity in moving naturally in the direction of growth
  • Stimulating new accomplishments and new projects in both yourself and your teams
  • Ensuring you are In touch with your energy and the authentic in you
  • Harnessing ‘The Natural’ in your authentic intelligence, talents and behaviours in your team
                The results you achieve will benefit both you as the leader, the group and the World at Large

This programme is transformational to both organisations and individuals.




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