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Selling with Confidence in the Call Centre


This programme takes you from simply servicing the customer to more continuous, profitable sales. We identify avenues for proactively creating new business whilst conditioning your customer to do all their business with you by actively selling your company with each contact. This course will equip you with the belief, knowledge, skills and motivation to make an immediate impact and be a successful member of the team.
The Profile of a Customer service professional requires: -

  • An analytical approach to problem solving
  • Concern for performance
  • A Talent for putting people at the focus of each communication
  • An ability to co-ordinate and input information from a variety of disciplines

The ability to be Proactive All these skills are high performing and need the attention to detail in all of the core areas they can be recognised as in place when We will be looking at four core principals which are the core elements of creating delight, moments of delight and happiness for you, your customer and your organisation. Choose your Attitude.

Be Present Make their Day.

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