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Assertiveness and Conflict Management

This programme is designed to boost the personal confidence of each delegate when dealing with others.  Using a highly creative, non- threatening and entertaining approach, the programme aims to show delegates how to think communicate and project themselves in a more positive and assertive manner. Show us how to override the primitive brain that lives within us still. This sometime leaves us feeling ambushed and adopting that very useful tactic for the pre historic man of fight or flight. It has not equipped us for the modern sophisticated world of business to day.

Key Focus

  • Analysis of the assertive role
  • Identify personal behaviour
  • Recognise situations when it may be difficult to be assertive
  • Creating a positive body image
  • The impact of receiving a compliment within the assertive model
  • The model for assertive behaviour
  • Dealing with conflict situations
  • Managing ongoing personal assertive levels
  • Action plan development

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