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The Superstar Dental Receptionist

Posted 13/06/2013 14:04:32 The Superstar Dental Receptionist Is your receptionist a shinning star? Or Is your receptionist a glimmer of what you were really looking for? Most of all Is your receptionist a reflection of all your hard work and investment? Redcliffe Dental Practice & Implant Centre has just been visited by the CQC who were WOWED. Redcliff’s new...

When the 'Tipping Point' has occurred - How do You deliver?

Posted 18/10/2012 15:13:19 This response is no surprise to us as we constantly meet with organisations who arrive at the same conclusion – the dilemma you find your self in when you finally ’get it’ but then realise how difficult it is to deliver it. Without a doubt the first step is to understand that your culture is the key and your culture and brand&...

Starting a New Dental Practice

Posted 11/07/2012 13:20:01 A reflective conversation. Dr. Steere talks about her search to provide herself with the business acumen to create a highly successful and profitable business; she also discusses how as a newly qualified dentist setting up a practice, where and how do practices acquire these skills. She addresses such thought provoking questions as - does the P...

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Dental Practitioners Running A Business

Posted 23/05/2013 17:27:28 Dental Practices are realising very quickly that they need to change the way they operate their business. Proper professional planning and a sensible business strategy will win the hearts and minds of employees and their patients. The patient is KING – delight him and see your business grow – moments of DELIGHT are there for all to d...

What are the Dazzling qualities of a Leader?

Posted 11/07/2012 14:35:34 What happens when you expect a lot and trust the people you work with? First it may seem like chaos, then overtime we see something happening, when you have amazing people and give them freedom they do amazing things.  Leadership is very much an art one that is accomplished only by people who have authentic generosity and a real connection...

The 'Land of the Free'

Posted 26/01/2011 16:27:21 Being in the ‘Land of The Free’ and witnessing first hand people drive their businesses by focusing on the short term and the bottom line reminded me that in the tough times this is often what people do. They react by cutting costs - nothing wrong with that. They react by making decisions for the short term - in many cases not a lot...

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13/06/2013 14:04:32 - The Superstar Dental Receptionist.
Is your receptionist a shinning star?                                                                                                              Or Is your receptionist a glimmer of what you were really looking for?                                                        Most of all Is your receptionist a reflection of all your hard work and investment?

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