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Management is a function of position but leadership is not. Therefore when part of your time has to be directed to ‘managing’ your business where do you put your focus? The function of leaders requires the ability to empower so you are free to develop and enjoy your first love dentistry and of course helping people.

Different mind sets and different skills sets are necessary if you are to truly empower and liberate your team to deliver and to create with you that aspirational dream of becoming a top performing practice and a successful business.

Certainly when I work alongside top dental surgeons I know that in those areas of leadership they feel they could do with help and more help. They know what they want from their people but how do they extract it without following people around with a notebook checking their every action – a very exhausting and fruitless exercise.
What it will require of YOU is to be inter-disciplinary, embracing the characteristics of leadership, of a visionary, collaborating and building resonance with your team.
You can build systems into your structures and your processes so that they are not dependent upon people, This is the corporate vision within and around which people work – it is the role of the leader to create and to reinforce it.
Once you have achieved this you will have created a powerful reinforcement of empowerment that SUPPORTS PEOPLE AND TAPS INTO THEIR TALENTS, THEIR ENERGIRES AND INTELLIGENCE.
Although there has been focus within the NHS on developing ‘leadership skills’ there has not been the same focus in dentistry. Leadership is now even more important with changes in Government reform and dental contracts there are new ways of working and the possible re emergence of re validation.
It is important to ensure that leadership is seen as a contribution to the overall quality and performance within dental practices.
It is not a separate and unrelated activity. Indeed it will be the core of implementing a new way of thinking and working.

So where do I could go for this help and what would equip me best?
Genuine Business has been working with dentists for many years, coaching them individually as well as their teams helping them to grow and to change INTEGRATING the HAPPINESS BASED business model.
Genuine Business programmes develop leaders, grow the individual and implement the skills to grow a dynamic practice where people reach for responsibility.



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