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Trusted advisor to business owners, inspired, intuitive and spiritual, guiding organisations to profits,success and happiness. Angela Hassall has been coaching and consulting within multi-national businesses for more than 30 years; and has a proven track record across industries and sectors from Global Banking to Dental Practices helping them to increase profits  as well as developing people within those businesses.

Angela has run her own businesses very successfully and brings a wealth of experience in managing new and existing businesses.

When you work with Angela you will be able to absorb those 30 years of experinece and participate in the model she has created when assiting buisnesses to change and grow.

Angelas style is interactive, authentic and adaptable. Angela is a natural leader has an 'easy and relaxed approach' and leaves attendees to her programmes always wanting more and always walking away with new ideas, skills and tools to put in to place.

Using her mantra 'shaping the future' as a constant Angela 'walks-the-talk' and is committed to helping people succeed in their personal lives as well as their business.

A highly valued business adviser and coach, specialising in the areas of personal growth and development, coaching individuals and companies to aspire beyond the ordinary. Clients have noted the high level of interaction Angela develops in her seminars, her obsession with quality as well as the positive attitude she brings to the task.

In utilising Angela’s experience businesses and their individuals have grown, they have exceeded their goals; they have aspired to greater heights and developed a real understanding of their natural abilities, how to control those abilities and how to develop new focus.

Within Genuine Business Angela has created and presented a wide range of training modules for business leaders, chief executives, directors in HR, finance, sales & marketing, senior and middle managers as well as individuals and been a prime mover in the development of company appraisal systems and PDP’s.
Angela recognises that it is important to help individuals and companies identify the core competencies that help create competitive advantage. She recognises how very important the use of coaching and mentoring is in the development of relationships between people within companies.

Angela’s work improves ones life and work ethics through the implementation of the happiness based model, inspiring and implementing techniques to help participants reach their fullest potential.

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